Thanks for giving a visit here. I am Sandeep, a PHP coder who love to be with technology.

I don’t know what is the fellacy of ece students, they can be seen in the most weird placed, walking shoulder to shoulder with the graduated who are in own domain. I have seen ece people on telecom towers, in oil rigs, in industrial plants, in banks (most ece people turn to banking later on..), but the greatest share jumps on to IT.

I am one of those, who graduated in ece, took device driver programming (at emblogic), worked as Linux system admin at Kayako before finally settling as PHP developer at Microware computing and consulting.

Out of my boring ecommerce coding (which of course pays well than anything [sorry, device driver :P]), I become active at night to look out for challenges (most of them come from freelancer!). Even if you don’t take up a project, it is the biggest think tank on the internet, with people coming up with ideas and posting them to the mercy of poor developers’ code writing skills.

I can’t think of more useless crap right now, so I’d save your day by saying Howdy!